Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mond(o), Jasmin Mond(o).

Sometimes, you need a montage. If you don't have a montage, you need to make your own. Give a knitter a montage, and you entertain her for a moment. Have a knitter make her own montage, and you've entertained her for a lifetime, I say.

So, in an Austin Powers-esque moment, I set up my camera on the tripod, got out the remote shutter, blasted Michael Bublé's "Feeling Good", and started shooting. The Mondo Cable Cardi
moves well, even if I don't.

You can't help but groove along, swinging your hips and throwing your arms up in the air, at those "Big Spender"-esque hits.

DSC_0121 copy

I call this one "Not a Bond Girl", but I can dream. Take that, Charlie's Angels!

DSC_0145 copy

(Imagine this through the Bond classic Gun Barrel.)

DSC_0151 copy

Who needs Q when you have Rosemary, and her gorgeous shawl pins? (Don't ask what else it does- if she tells you, she'll have to kill you.)

DSC_0151 copy copy

This is how the song and the sweater both make me feel:

DSC_0128 copy

Now, to find the right song for the Seneca...


  1. This post made my morning. It look faboo. You look faboo. I want to eat an orange. :)

  2. agreed. what happy pictures. i love this FO even more in action. just gorgeous!

  3. Awesome sweater and great pics!

  4. Wow, gorgeous sweater and great pictures. The sweater is beautiful and so flattering. I was resisiting the knit-a-long but this is making it very hard....

  5. Happy pictures with a beautiful sweater! I love it.

  6. I love your cardi, great choice of yarn and the shawl pin goes perfectly. Great pictures, such a happy post.

  7. great cardy!
    i dyed my hair that colour once, in streaks. looking good there!


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