Sunday, March 7, 2010

If you give a Jasmin some knitting...

We play a game at our house, which is our own appropriation of "If you give a mouse a cookie", obviously, based on the children's book. We're big fans of Robot Chicken, and they did a (dark) parody, which we found utterly hilarious. (If you're not easily offended, you like spoofing of pop culture, and you think claymation is da bomb, Robot Chicken is for you.)

When we play the game, it starts with something innocuous, and gets blows totally out of proportion- usually in a completely plausible way.

So, I present to you, "If you give a Jasmin some knitting":

If you give a Jasmin some knitting, she'll want to buy some yarn.
If you take her to buy yarn, her mother will convince her to try spinning.
If her mother convinces her to try spinning, she'll buy a spinning wheel.
If she buys a spinning wheel, she'll want to go to a wool auction.
If she goes to a wool auction, she's going to want to buy some fleeces.
If she buys some fleeces, she's going to want to have those fleeces processed.
If she has her fleeces processed, she's going to want to listen to people talking about knitting and spinning in the meantime.
If she listens to podcasts, then she's going to want to do her own.
If she does her own, she'll convince her mother to be her co-host.
If her mother is her co-host, Gigi will convince Jasmin to start sewing.
If she starts sewing, she's going to want to sew sassy little dresses.
If she sews sassy little dresses, she's going to want to knit matching sweaters.
And you know what happens when you give a Jasmin some knitting.

(And yes, this means I will be sewing myself some dresses - yet *another* thing that Brenda Dayne has inspired me to do. Mom thanks you for bringing me to the dark side, Brenda.)


  1. I caught the sewing bug after seeing cute knitting pouches and retro aprons at Stitches West. What's a gurl to do? I ran out and bought some canvas and a pattern. Now all I need is some more hours in the day. Totally inspired.

  2. I love it. Who knew, when you were 12... Oh. Right. And my hair wasn't gray. I'll shut up now.

  3. I like this informative post. thanks for sharing us.

  4. LOL. I laugh because I love sewing, and it's about time someone else infected you with a bit of evil. :-)

  5. This cracked me up. Anytime I ask to do something, my little sister goes into a monologue of "If you give Jackie a..." I'm glad to see we're in good company. And that you've heard of the book, because a lot of losers, er, people here don't.

  6. If you take a very talented young lady, and...

    ...that's awesome, sewing! All I was ever able to do was my kids' halloween costumes.

  7. :-) Who says the sewing side has to be so dark? I think it's quite colorful myself. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  8. love this!! what a great poem- may I steal it??

  9. You see? Cookies are evil--Atkins was right.


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