Friday, January 1, 2010

Jasmin 2010 has arrived

I know I've historically posted my different resolutions- nay, lifestyle changes - before the turn of the year, I've had a plan for Jasmin 2010 since I planned out Jasmin 2009.

Jasmin 2010 is all about finishing. Taking projects and making a choice about whether they are going to be finished, frogged, or donated. I'm not saying that I won't leave anything unfinished, ever, but what I am planning to do is actively work at not abandoning my projects (or books) mid-flow.

I've started cooking pretty seriously, and to that end, I will be taking a knife techniques class. If it's a reasonable price, I'm going to use my Jasmin 2009 skills and just go for it, and if it's a little pricey, I'm going to ask for it for an anniversary gift. I know I'm getting better gradually, but it's better to learn good techniques first, rather than have to unlearn bad ones.

So, I have started 2010 off on a great note. I pushed the Barbara Walker interview live, and I'll be going through my UFO boxes and ripping out abandoned, ill-conceived, or just plain unloved projects. Free up the needles for other projects, and free up some space. (I'm finding that watching Hoarders is especially inspiring for freeing up space and getting rid of things we don't really need.)

2009, you were great for trying new things, but you were also incredibly hard on my family. It's you, not me, and I've moved on to something better and brighter. 2010 and I have a bright outlook on things, and I think we're going to get on famously.


  1. I thoroughly approve. Here's to making this coming year better!

    I'll change your name in my phone as soon as it dries out. Sigh.

    Also, THB says "hiiiii, Jasmiiiin." He's such a little brother.

  2. Hi Jasmin, Happy New Year!!

    btw I love your new hair color...

  3. Sounds so much like my personal 2010 goal... will I make it? hmmm

    Love your podcast.


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