Monday, October 20, 2008

Now you see me...

Sorry for the radio silence. If you know me in real life (as opposed to just reading here, or listening to the podcast), you know I've been going through some stuff. Not-enough-time-for-fun stuff.

After speaking with three professionals (different professions) and getting the same answer, I need to slow down. I've disappeared from social knitting groups because I'm putting in long hours, and I've passed the Minion hosting torch.

I've gotten loads of supportive e-mails, and a few checking on me to make sure that my absence isn't something more serious. (Thanks for the lurve, dudes!) Now, I'm sharing the worst, most vexing part of all of this:

When I get this tired, I start looking like my father.

I mean, I haven't sprouted a mustache yet, and I've still got all of my hair, but when I'm tired, I get the same bags he has under his eyes, and I get the same, weird creases down my cheeks that he does.

I see it in the mirror, vanity takes hold, and I'm immediately resentful of the responsibilities that are keeping me from my Beauty Sleep.

I'm still knitting and spinning, just not very much- tomorrow I'll post about Color and the yarn swap at Purlescence.


  1. That is very sad. But very freakin' funny. And sad. No really. Sad.

    (and funny...)

    And you know I mean it in only the most sincere I love the Tiny Persian Dictator way.

  2. You're missed. Lots. You Tiny Persian Dictator you (I so love that description!)

  3. What Rachel and Allison said.
    But I did catch you yesterday and I ADORE that yarn you left.


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