Friday, October 24, 2008

It's been real

My darling friend;

I have treasured the time we've spent together. When you came into my life, I knew I had been changed, forever. I loved how you were thoughtful, and catered to my needs. In return, I would exclaim my love for you, and keep you in the style in which you have become accustomed.

As love sometimes does, after a couple of years, you stopped being as reliable and attentive to my needs. Occasionally you deliberately wouldn't do what you promised you would. That was when I knew it was over. I kept you around because, even unreliable as you have grown (and ugly as it sounds), you were better than nothing.

As you might know, we got our electrical work redone. I knew without the new electrical work, I would be beholden to you for what you do, but I don't need you anymore. Today, you have officially been replaced, so pack your things, and leave.

You see, TiVo, AT&T brought us a box that would always record what we want, when we want, and your people will no longer blame your planned obsolescence on a TiVo/cable box disagreement. You may be hurt by this abrupt end to, what really was, a beautiful relationship.

Maybe you should have considered that before you recorded the Home Shopping Network instead of the season premeire of Heroes. That's water under the bridge now, and we are unequivicably OVER.

I hope you are happy in your next life, as a reclaimed hard drive. We are all only the sum of our parts, so this will keep you in our memory (or, as our memory).

It's been real,


PS. Not to tout your shortcomings, but the U-Verse box can record FOUR CHANNELS simulaneously.


  1. I've never heard of this brand. Where do you get it? Is there a Tivo-ish service agreement?

  2. The link is here:

    Basically, with the cable we pay for, we get a DVR and service included. We ended up paying less for more!

  3. Yes, but... we didn't like the U-verse as much as we liked the TiVo. The interface wasn't as user-friendly, and I so very much miss the wishlist function. We ended up with Dish, which is a whole 'nother discussion.

  4. Not sure what Comcast's DVR system is, but we had 2 different machines "hiccup" and erase EVERYTHING that we had saved. In our case it included things that would not air again (our daughter being on TV among them). My advice: if you have digital recordings that you cherish (okay, things you really want to save) find a way to download them.

  5. Being newly indoctrinated into the land of DVR myself. I can't really imagine it being bad. But yeah, HSN instead of Heros???? Tivo, you're history!

  6. This problem where the TiVo cannot interface with the cable box is why I refused to "up"grade to digital cable until they came out with a version that did not need a box. But I absolutely understand why you would be frustrated because TiVo keeps acting like it is not their fault. (Which is the same way they handle bad programming data.)

    I expect we will cancel cable fairly soon, having heard tell that the cable companies are planning to coordinate ditching support for analog cable with the mandated federal switch from broadcast stations in February. Already there are too many stations we do not get for our >$2/day.


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