Thursday, August 2, 2007

“Would you like some poultry with your lime sherbet?”

I bought the most AMAZING roving on eBay on Monday, moments after Gretchen pinged me with the link, asking me whether I thought it would fluoresce under blacklight.

Since I am nothing if not scientific, I believe in gathering my own empirical (and experiential) evidence. Moments later, I was the proud winner of the auction.

I glanced a little closer at the description, and it was a Rambouillet fleece (which is fine), with… Peacock feathers?

That can't be right. I thought, Maybe it's slang for something else in spinning.

The box arrives. Sure enough, they were peacock feathers. From a peacock. If I knew what kind of noise a peacock makes, I would thrill you with the appropriate onomatopoeia.

I was worried that my disgust was based on ignorance, and I just wasn't classy enough to realize what a gem these peacock feathers were. As always, when in doubt, ask Sandi.

I took my Victoria (and lime sherbet) over to Purlescence, where I asked, very candidly, how one should spin incorporated peacock feathers into one's lime green rambouillet.

Sandi looked at it, made a face, and assured me that by removing them I would not be committing any crimes against wool.

The presence of the peacock feather wisps led to a discussion about perceived class through ownership of peacocks down to my saying:

"Ugh. It's like peacock pubes," as Nathania was using her OCT (that's Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies) to remove the offending peacock bits.

Pictures coming, as soon as my camera cables materialize from the boxes.

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