Sunday, July 29, 2007

Paint, and Spackle and Mirrors, Oh, My!

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of demo work, sleep deprivation, and paint fumes.

Needless to say, this made for a number of memorable moments (including, but not limited to "Panty Painting"). There was the Bathroom of Doom which took more hours in labor than the rest of the house.

The Bathroom of Doom was a claustrophobe's nightmare. When we moved in, there was striped wallpaper with paisleys- in the most nauseating of colors. The first day, Grace stripped both the wallpaper and the wallpaper glue off of the door. We had intended to pull down the rest of the paper sooner, but it just didn't happen.

Until now.

The stager had instructed us to simply paint over the wallpaper- which was fine with everyone who I consulted, because it just sounded wrong (and a little lazy) to me. Everyone concurred that it would be fine to paint over the fugly wallpaper, so we set to work.

The walls were TSP'ed and primed, and that's when Cynthia started to notice some…peeling. She was then instructed to paint over it and hope for the best. As she began to paint, she noticed that we could see every patch, seam and bubble from when the ugly wallpaper was put up.

Ok. We pulled down the paper only to find (literally) ten tons of wallpaper glue up on the walls. Colleen, Cynthia and I all scraped and scraped and scraped. The glue looked like giant grey boogers, which only added to the aesthetic appeal of the whole process (and also contributed a fair amount to the hilarity of it all).

Once that was thoroughly done, the walls were re-TSP'ed, spackled and primed, and painted. I won't go into the rest, but there was a completely disproportionate amount of time spent on that bathroom.

It went from being the BoD to the Bathroom of Luxury and Leisure. Once the official real estate pictures are up, I'll post them- but this is now a warm and welcoming place, and I am so proud.

The drag of this whole thing is that the house is beautiful now. I only wish we had done this work while we were still living there, because every time I walk in, I can't even believe that it's the same house.

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