Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Valentina the Devine Rat

After Fromage died, we knew that Valentina wouldn't last much longer. Valentina had to be put to sleep today; she had developed tumors all over and was too old to be operated on.

Tina was a sweet rat; a little skittish but sweet. She and Fromage were the best of friends, and we adopted them both (even though we had only intended to adopt one rat). They used to run on the wheel at the same time for hours on end. We joked that they were in Olympic training; they continued to enjoy the wheel until old age (which none of our other rats did).

Tina was out 13th and final rat. We just can't deal with the heartbreak; they are such wonderful animals with vibrant personalities, but each of their deaths strikes us such a blow, and so soon. Two or three years is too short.

Valentina will be laid to rest between the lilies, next to Fromage.

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