Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Identity Theft

So, believe it or not, someone stole my identity. And it's looking pretty likely that it happened at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. Since I did not buy with my normal enthusiasm, there are only 3 vendors who got my credit card information, and of those 3, only one had a manual credit card imprinter thing. (Because I fear libel laws, I won't post the name of the booth that I think did it. But just so you know, the credit card company will go after them.)

I'm not worried about it, the credit card company is all over it (go Chase!), but here is what I am thinking:

If someone steals your identity, the proper punishment would be for them to have to live your life for as long as it * would * have taken you to pay off those charges. That's right, punk! It's cleaning up dog poop for you! And the gutters! Muah ah ah!

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