Wednesday, March 29, 2006

FO'ing like a Mo'Fo' and Knitting in Public

I've been on a crazy sock kick; AND I've finished 8 projects so far this month. Woo!

Knitting in Public
There was a thread on KnitFlame about how it's innappropriate to knit in meetings. One idiot woman posted that one should ask EVERYONE in the meeting's permission to knit through a meeting that the other members of the meeting ichat/gossip/play solitare/doodle/sleep through.

I think not. It's not because I'm a raging individualist. It's because it helps me focus. I knit in such a way that isn't distracting, and most meetings I knit through are the ones that are on my time (i.e. mandatory lunch meetings). Some meetings are appropriate to knit through, some aren't.

Don't tell me whether I can knit through things that I pay to attend. And I do. I knit through college, I knit through movies, and I knit through theatre. It's what I do.

I had this horrible journalism professor in college who had convinced herself that I never listened in class. Her class was useless; it was all about the "good ol' days" when she was a high-profile editor, not about how to interview or how to write a good article. I suppose that's what you get from someone who only has a Bachelor's degree. (This criticism has a point- the college has a policy of "only highing the highest accredited people in their field". All my other professors actually taught. Her journalism class was sitting around, wasting four hours of our lives each week chatting about how it used to be.) This particular professor also told me I was wasting my life by getting married. Oh, and she's such an independant thinker that she started smoking, andsmoked two packs a day to "fit in" with all of the other editors. Way to march to your own drummer, lady.

Anyway, the last week of class, we were talking about judgement in selecting photos, and she referenced a comment she had made the first week of class. None of her "stars" [read: "favorites"] knew the answer, and I let the silence hang in the room for a good thirty seconds before I looked around the room, looked her in the eye, and gave her the correct answer.

What did her dumb butt say? "Wow, all this time I thought you weren't listening."

I didn't answer with, "Wow, it's not like you're teaching."

Just for the record, of all of her "stars", none of them can hold a job that can feed them or clothe them. The moral of this story? People who think you aren't listening aren't saying anything worthwhile.

Oh yeah, and at my lunch meetings, everyone thinks it's cool that I can knit and talk, and not look at my knitting. Boo-yah!

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