Sunday, March 5, 2006

FO! and Sticking it to The Man

Since I've started my new gig, I've had more energy in general. I think working with people who are nice to you and doing work that is challenging has been really good for me. I have energy when I get home from work, meaning we're taking the dogs to the dog park 2-3 times a week (after work, even), and on Saturdays and Sundays, I'm getting things accomplished. Like...

6:45 AM- Wake up, and realize you can't fall back asleep. Plan for the morning.

Take a shower, get dressed, put on makeup, get to Cost Plus by 9 AM to do shopping for the tea party. Spend $45 on goodies (that I plan on eating the leftovers of).

9:35 AM- Leave Cost Plus. Realize that the LYS that I am no longer frequenting doesn't open until 10:30 AM. Decide to go to a truck stop-esque brunch joint that I love (also was mine and Zak's special place to get brunch, twice a week). Eat breakfast (Chocolate chip pancakes, 2 cups of decaf coffee, one of
Andrew's sausage patties).

10:15- Finish breakfast, pay, drive to LYS, make Andrew listen to "A Little Priest" from the Patti LuPone cast of "Sweeney Todd". Still get to the LYS before they open, so we walk our Netflix over to the Post Office next door.

10:35 AM- I returned the excess Lorna's Laces yarn. I was anxious about doing this, since the store I bought it from has always been rude to me, and I've never really felt any older than six everytime I've been there. They can stuff their snotty 'tude, I'm taking my FAT PAYCHECK (ok, not fat, but plumper than before) elsewhere. So there. That was $105, credited BACK to my credit card. Boo-yah! That's how I stick it to the man. And the best part, I smile at the woman at the counter and say in the sweetest way, "You know, the yardage on one ball of this yarn is enough for a WHOLE PAIR of socks for me! What a value!"

10:45 AM- Drive to Donut Joint to pick up the dozen donuts I promised my knitting group. Go across the street and reset the PIN number I have forgotten twice in the last year. (I don't really use the ATM, ever.) While we're at the bank, we take care of two other things.

11:35 AM- Head back home, vaccum, expecting the knitting group at noon. Niki sits on the chairs once they are vaccumed, supervising the quality of my work and defeating the purpose of vaccuming said chairs. Reposition furniture for optimum knitting group comfort.

1:15 PM- Knitting group shows up. Fun ensues. Chili/Sweet Corn Tomalito is served for Linner. Ice cream for dessert. We miss Cynthia, but still have a good time. Constance joins us for the last leg, on her last brain cells from an attempt on her life. The method of choice for her assassin? Boredom. The crowd is out by 8 PM, I'm out cold shortly thereafter.

See how productive the morning ALONE was? Today, not so much.

Knitting News:

I'm on a finishing kick, still, I finished another pair of Lorna's Laces socks for Andrew (who wants his Lorna's socks done BEFORE other ones, but that's okay, I'm knitting mine as soon as I free up a set of needles, and he's got MAYBE 4 pairs left after this one). I'm finishing a sweater that was originally for Zak (started, ahem, about 6 years ago). Thank goodness we're basically the same size for sweaters. It'll look great on me, although, the downside of this finishing kick is that I think the rest of the yarn for this sweater is in my mother's garage. I think.

I'm addicted to this scarf I'm knitting, it's on the bias and looks like faux entrelac. It impressed my nieces today, after our tea party (upcoming post on how I have "SUCKER" written on my forehead, and the tea party), as did my beaded stitch markers.

More later, off to watch "The Passion of the Christ". Woo.

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