Friday, February 4, 2022

#FiberuaryChallenge: Day 1: hi, it’s me.

via Instagram #FiberuaryChallenge: Day 1: hi, it’s me. ✨ Hi, I’m Jasmin. I co-host and produce the Knitmore Girls podcast, which has been running since 2008. ✨ I believe in kindness as well as the paradox of tolerance. I love with my whole being, top shelf spirits, and browned butter. ✨ I am completely, a million billion percent Too Much, and I’m at my best when I’m fully caffeinated. ✨ I’m vocal about my values because I’m proud of who I am. It’s taken me 39 years to become this person! ✨ My kids are the best, and my dogs are the cutest; these are the facts. ✨ Acts of service is my primary love language, and I enjoy creativity of every kind, but especially a particularly clever portmanteau. ✨ [Pattern: Reignbeaux by @YelleyKnits, Yarn: @SeaChangeFibers DK “French Dispatch” minis and “Hazy Sky”] ✨ #BIPOCKnitters #knitting #KnittersofInstagram #HandDyedYarn #KnitmoregirlsPodcast #TestKnit #ProjectSweaterChest #ReignBeauxSweater #IndieDyers #IndieDyersofInstagram #Bespoke #knit #SeaChangeFibers ✨ [Image Description: a striking, freckled and fair-skinned Persian American woman with a sharp, short, bright turquoise haircut poses in a pullover with an ingenious construction: a semicircular rainbow on the right side, with the sweater built around it, and a matching rainbow on the opposite sleeve. She has the barest hint of a smile, has her left hand behind her head, and has rainbows and clouds in her makeup and fiber fill “clouds” in her hair. There is mischief in her eyes.]

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