Tuesday, November 14, 2017


We're readers in our house. Biblophiles. Book enthusiasts.

So, when it comes to gifts- particularly gifts for kids - we usually give books. It's usually the favorite book du jour. 

(I can't tell you how many copies of The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Back I've bought.) 


I also am terrible about cards. Because, honestly, I just forget to buy them. Or, on the off chance that I actually remember to *buy* them,  I forget to give them.

I figured I could get ahead of the curve by buying black cards (and envelopes to match) and just doing my own cards (sort of along the lines of the #lunchboxlovenotes), while SuperAndrew, King of All Wrapping, wraps the gifts. That way, the card gets done and I have someone to remind me to grab it (or just attach it to the gift).

I usually try to make the card something that the recipient is into (I did a Kaiju for one of Genevieve's friends this summer, for example).

But, when it comes to Do Not Open this Book! and Please, Open this Book!, I have a soft spot for the characters. So, I may have been swept away by the simians, and well...

Me: I may have gone a little overboard on this one.
Andrew: A *little* overboard?

I can't help it. Overboard is totally my brand. 

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