Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Leaps and bounds

Last Friday, both kids hit major milestones.

Rex learned how to clap, which is delightful and ridiculous, because we all cheer and clap when he does. I had forgotten how funny this stuff was; we'll be sitting at the table, Rex will clap, and then we all clap and cheer. 

Other milestones that abruptly followed: "up" arms, pulling his belly up to crawl, and - most terrifyingly - he's figured out how to pull himself up to standing.

I mentioned that BOTH kids hit milestones at the same time, so brace yourselves.

Genevieve wrote her first word. Without help.


There we were, taking our shower, and Genevieve was drawing in the steam (like we always do), and I looked, and there is was, as clear as day.


And then again, and again, and again. I may have flipped out and cheered. And squeezed her. Because YOU GUYS, MY BABY CAN WRITE!

Reproduced for you here, since the charm of writing in steam is its ephemeral nature:


I feel like I've totally hamstrung her with a name like "Genevieve". I may as well have named her "Chrysanthemum", which - let's be honest- I never spell correctly on the first pass (and even now, I used autofill and totally cheated). 

And she's definitely not a "Gen", so there goes that potential solution. She also shot down going by "Eve".

Thankfully, after a frustrating (and abruptly aborted initial attempt, after some struggles with the letter "N") she tried again the next night, and got as far as "GENEV" without help, and then asked me for the letters, which I cheerfully provided.

After that, I grabbed one of our window markers and wrote her name clearly for her, as well as "VALENTINA" (her imaginary friend with an impressive origin story, more on her another day), and "REX". She traces the letters with her finger, then writes them above (or below) in the steam.

When I told her that her name is really tricky, and that most grownups (ahem, Starbucks baristas) can't spell her name without help, she said, "Maybe I should have it on a piece of paper to help them."

My baby is a genius. And I couldn't be prouder.


  1. I always replay the spelling bee scene from "Anne of Green Gables" in my head when I need to spell chrysanthemum. Has Genevieve been introduced to the book about the little mouse with the very long name?

  2. Love the milestones. Stormageddon (22 months) has figured out climbing things he's not ready to climb, which means I have to watch him like a hawk at the park, lest he start climbing onto things I can't get him down from. Little Man, on the other hand, is still working on writing but he's going to Kindergarten in the fall (he'll be 6 in November) He can write his own name but his brother's is a bit more difficult (and no, Stormageddon's given name is not Stormageddon).

    I loved the clapping stage.

  3. I love this - milestones are amazing & truly terrifying at the same time ... I have a French friend who has always gone by 'Vieve'. The French pronunciation of Genevieve is so pretty.


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