Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What, now?

Genevieve has discovered jokes, and humor. It's very funny listening to her trying to put together original jokes- particularly after she repeats a joke she's heard, and then does her own riff on it.

Yes, those are mitten clips holding up her "dress".

We're also working on explaining how "funny" works, and that being funny on purpose is actually really hard. (There was some real heartbreak when we talked about this.)

Like, for example, instead of making a fart noise, she says, "Fart!" and then laughs hysterically. (To be fair, I usually laugh, too.)

[Since our household is fancy and multilingual, sometimes she says "Fart!" in another language. We are truly a cultured bunch.]

Recently, we had a golden moment. A breakthrough. A conversation that proved that all my hard work and excellent parenting was coming to fruition.

Me: Guess what.
Genevieve: What?
Me: Chicken butt.
Genevieve: Fart.

My work here is done. 


  1. Joke: 10/10 I laughed. I too am very cultured.

  2. I loved when my oldest daughter discovered jokes and humor. She had the cadence and voice lift correct. The jokes were awful but she was so cute that I had to laugh. She loved telling jokes. Enjoy!


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