Thursday, April 10, 2014


A tiny, talkative tongue

A conversation with my dad (GrandpaDahling) about language development in toddlers:

GrandpaDahling: Genevieve is very verbal because you talk to her all the time. Most parents don't talk to their kids as much as you talk to her.

Me: Most people don't talk as much as I do, period.

Mom: [Evil cackling]


  1. Excellent! And one of the many reasons why you are such a great podcaster.

  2. Love it!!!! I just want to thank you for sharing your lives (and Genevieve!!) with all of us. It completely makes my day when I see a new picture of her or see that you have posted a new story.

  3. So that is the reason, why the rockstars only stop talking, when they are asleep. Good to know!
    (I certainly remember sitting in front of them, trying to say "Mama" and now I sometimes sit in front of them, wondering if they will stop for a split second....)

  4. Ha ha! I think it is true for me and my kids as well!!


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