Wednesday, January 9, 2013

If you knit a mouse a sweater

Like my blog, my knitting has also become a love letter to my darling DangerMouse. When she was first born, the baby clothes on the "girls'" side of Carter's were all pale, pastel colors. Like her father (and her grandmother) she has beautiful olive-toned skin, and pale pastels just don't do her complexion justice.

When spring arrived, and with it, the spring color palette, I was overjoyed. Bright colors. Fuschia! Lime green! Daffodil yellow! Citrus orange! Be still my heart!

3 months, 18 days
I bought Genevieve a set in the 9 month size, and it turned out to be my favorite set to dress her in. And as it started to get small on her, I noticed that they match EVERYTHING in her wardrobe.
6 months, 14 days
Naturally, I needed to knit a sweater to go with them. Onesie in hand, I made my way to Purlescence and got *perfect* color matches in Cascade 220 superwash.

In my usual "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" fashion, I thought to myself, "If I'm going to knit a sweater to match this set of onesies, I should buy some in a couple of bigger sizes." 
Same onesies, 18M and 24M sizes
I came home, did some doodling, and then remembered the Playful Stripes cardigan by Alana Dakos. The pattern is well-written, adorable, and I'm enjoying watching it grow like magic off of my needles. Especially the garter stripes.

Sweater in progress
You'll notice that I started the garter stripes on the right side (as opposed to the wrong side) because my tenuous grip on sanity demanded it. (When I knit this sweater again, I'm doing it as written. KNITTING ON THE WILD SIDE!)

Sweater, onesies, and the yarn.
Knitting yoked sweaters is incredibly satisfying; you knit the boring bits first, and as soon as your attention starts to wander - BOOM! The fun part! Plus, the knitting goes fasterandfaster as you go.

As of today, I only have the collar and buttonbands left to knit. You know what happens when you knit a mouse a sweater.

She's going to need a matching hat.


  1. If you make a Mouse a hat, you'll also have to make her matching socks!

  2. Those colors are perfect! And I'm with you on the wrong side garter stripes. My OCD is NOT INTERESTED THANKYOUVERYMUCH!

  3. I personally adore the wrong side of those garter stripes, and think it would be excellent therapy for you to--just once in a while-- let DangerMouse wear the sweater inside out. :) It will also be good practice for when she's a teenager. LoL Excellent foresight buying up all those cute onesies for future use!

  4. What a clever idea jasmin! And it's looking wonderful as is all your knitting. And I'm sure it will be even cuter yet when it is on Dangermouse! I must admit, I was instantly reading When You Give A Mouse a Cookie when I read your title!

  5. Love the onsies and the sweater!! So fun!! Can't wait to see her in it with her matching hat!

  6. We have a new granddaughter, and she too is being dressed in the brights!
    Your/her sweater is coming out great! I've enjoyed listening to your progress.

    ....and I purchased Pacific Knits right after listening to your podcast last week. It's a great book! Thanks!!


  7. Great colors ! And it will shine on that beautiful girl.

  8. LOVE that sweater! And your daughter is beautiful. :)

  9. That sweater is adorable!!

    It's time for me to knit a mouse a sweater. Must go fall into the depths of Ravelry.1


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