Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This little piggy

Genevieve's hair has gotten long. I'm far from an expert at doing hair, and hers is the opposite of mine; fine to my thick, straight to my curly, and slick to my ... velcro?
Amazing how a hairstyle can change your whole look
I'll admit, I'm also not a whiz at styling hair. When Suzy the Stylist gave me this fabulous hairdo, she had to hard-sell me on taking the TWO MINUTES to blow out my bangs. I'm a wash-product-wear kind of girl, but it was totally worth the extra effort.

Best. Haircut. Ever.

That being said, Genevieve's hair had gotten really long, and I didn't want her to end up with any lasting effects from her emo/Bieber bangs.

Emo baby

Parenting, and all parenting-adjacent activities, always seem very different in my imagination. In my imagination, food that goes into a child's mouth *stays* in her mouth, kids STAY STILL while you change their diapers, and little girls coo adoringly while you pigtail their hair.
She is wily and hard to catch.
Not. So. Much.

I've written about our DangerMouse catch and release program. This is more like catching a greased piglet. And trying to do her hair while she resists. Vociferously.


So, sometimes her pigtails end up a little... off kilter. It's a look.

But I think this little piggy can pull it off.


  1. Your doing a good job! It's almost impossible to keep them contained long enough to do their hair. I have managed to convince Carmen that brushing teeth is the COOLEST so I set her up on her stool and do her hair while she "brushes" her teeth! :)

  2. doubled over with laughs on this one, Jasmin! Awesome blog!

  3. Fun post!!! My daughter has/had the same hair - fine and fly-away. We went for the "Pebbles" look alot - the ponytail on top of the head. I bet Genevieve could pull that off too. Of course, now at 13 yrs, she doesn't appreciate that look. :)


  4. How do you get her to not pull her hair ties out? I am so unsuccessful with my daughter


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