Friday, August 24, 2012

Tilting at windmills

Since Genevieve is mobile now (and she plays on the floor) I got questions about dogs, floors, and cleanliness. My life, and living room, are an open book browser page.

Niki and Elphie are double coated Chow Chow mixes. When they're blowing their coats, they shed a LOT of fur. We brush them with the Mars King comb, a rake, and more recently (recommended by our vet) the FURminator. We also trim their tuchuses to keep things tidy.

[No, I don't spin their fur. Not intentionally, anyway.]

We (Andrew) put in carpet tiles. Our living room floor looks like this:

As you've seen from the photos, we have blond dogs. This rug shows Every. Single. Strand. of dog hair. I don't care. I love everything else about it; especially that it gives Genevieve somewhere soft to crawl. (We "crawl tested" the samples for softness. Seriously.)

I sweep the hardwood throughout the house at least twice a week, but Genevieve is on her hands and knees in this room, so I vacuum the rug every day. Sometimes twice, if the dogs are especially shed-dy. This is the windmill I tilt at. (This is my lance- I mean, vacuum.)

"Did you vacuum? Good. Now read to me, please."
Some people might think to limit the dogs' access to the living room. Not me. It's important that Genevieve gets integrated into the family as smoothly as possible, and the dogs are a big part of our family.

For the littlest part of our family? I'm sure this isn't the only windmill I'll be tilting at for her.


  1. Firstly, I must say what a wonderful thing that your dogs are still family. When the first child arrives, the first thing many parents do is ban their pets from the house!

    I personally do not have a problem with crawling babies mixing with cats/dogs. You are keeping the floors clean and if your dogs are healthy, flea treated and wormed, then fine.

    One last thing, I didn't think Genevieve could get any cuter, but she has :)

  2. We have Main-Coon-Mix cats and they shed like crazy.
    Our cats are healthy, flea treated, spayed and wormed, so everything else will be fine although the kids might be a little furry some days but seeing what they have eaten in the garden (sand, cat treats, grass), fur is the least problem. I do have a Dyson too and I use it every day and that's it. Geesh, it's proven that kids, who grow up in a VERY clean enviroment have more allergies!

  3. They're just sharing their fur with her, cause she's an awfully non-furry puppy! Fur won't be the worst thing she'll ever ingest.

    She looks like a bubbly troublemaker - she has that glint in her eyes :-)

  4. Sounds all good to me. When we did and didn't have pets we always vacuumed the carpet everyday when the kids were little. Still do. Remember clean enough to be healthy dirty enough to be happy. Don't drive yourself crazy. My main thing when the kids were in crawling/exploring age was things they could get electrocuted with or tangled up in. Don't forget socket cover for your outlets and if you have have blinds get some of these. or even just cut them shorter. Its amazing how fast those little knees and feet can go. This is an exhausting but fun stage.

  5. Let you sweet little one be on the floor with the fur and furry friends as long as they don't nip. Being around animals will actually help prevent some allergies and build her immune system.

  6. ok. So she is the cutest baby EVER.

    Don't worry about the fur. It's good for her to be exposed to it. :)


  7. My sister still remembers the time my neice was about three years old. My sister loked out in the back yard and my neice was being very good and sharing her ice cream cone with their dog: She'd take a lick, let the dog take a lick, she'd take another lick. Kids are way more resiliant that we give them credit for. Any day now DangerMouse and her furry siblings will become partners in crime.

  8. A little fur never hurt anyone in my book. We have several pet containing households in our family (ours with two Maine coons, sister with a cat, a chow mix, and a great Pyrenees) With hardwood floors, we find having a pet series i-robot vacuum programed to run daily or every other day helps with the fur tumbleweeds greatly. They are not as good with carpet, but do a great job getting under furniture.

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