Friday, July 20, 2012

Tour de Bebé Sweater

Everyone is excited about the Tour de Fleece around here.

Even T.K. Is getting in the spirit.

Once I hit my goal of finishing the singles for my SPAKAL sweater, I desperately needed to spin something with COLOR. I knew that I wanted to spin for a sweater for Genevieve, but the rest of the details were a bit hazy.

I dug around in my stash for a bit and found a couple of bumps of fiber that I picked up at the CogKNITive Fiber retreat.

FreckleFace Fibers BFL "Enchanted"
I knew that 4.2 ounces wouldn't be enough, so I dug a little more and found a coordinating bump of fiber:

FreckleFace Fibers BFL "Midnight Moon"

But it still wasn't juuuuuust right, so I fished a little deeper and came up with a third bump, which I think will tie it all together nicely.

Abstract Fiber BFL "Maleficent"
Spinning BFL is wonderful; it's a longish fiber that is both silky and soft, and the SMELL. Mmmmm! It's the browned butter of the fiber world.

I've been making amazing progress - it practically spins itself! I can't wait to get it all plied up and start a (not-so) tiny sweater for my DangerMouse.
Spinning wheel goes VROOM!
My peleton awaits.


  1. Oh so adorable....and the bumps aren't bad either!
    I'm so glad you guys are back to podcasting once a week! ;-)))))


  2. Look at those dimples! She's such a good-natured little thing. And it's a good thing that she's into fibers already.

  3. She is so adorable! I need to cast on a sweater for my little one. Don't think I'll get around to spinning any time soon though. Just starting to get my knitting mojo back now.


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