Sunday, May 20, 2012


Andrew turned 33 this last week. To celebrate both his birthday *and* Genevieve's rolling over milestone, he took the week off of work to get cracking on childproofing our house. (We will NOT be caught unprepared again.)

You can see the Danger GleamTM in her eyes.

I listed a number of his good qualities last year, but with this year's Major Life Change, that list has grown.

Genevieve brings out the best in you: you are patient, kind, and calm.

Image050 copy
SuperDad in action!

Even when she is screaming her head off, you keep your cool and rock the 5 S's like a champ. You've worn a groove in our hallway bouncing and shushing and - even though we need to refinish the floors - I think it's a testament to your excellent parenting.

You regularly get up early on the weekends to give me a couple of hours of precious, precious sleep while you spend quality time with our daughter. Once I get up, you make breakfast and coffee.
Quality time in the glider

I love our morning Civilised BreakfastsTM- where I get up during Genevieve's morning alert time, make breakfast, and then we drink our coffee and eat breakfast without computers, phones, or any of the other modern conveniences that could rob us of our civility while she plays.

I love that you are on board with all of my Attachment Parenting ideas, including limiting/restricting Genevieve's access to television- and that we started listening to the Hunger Games Trilogy together. I also appreciate that you didn't say ONE WORD about me weeping into my dinner at the end of Mockingjay. (You are the "nice one", after all.) I love that you're asking about what we're going to listen to next.

I love that you are into wearing Genevieve (in the Moby or the Ergo), and that you know that the measure of a man isn't being cowed by other people's opinions. (Except for mine, of course. Babywearing dads are super-hot.)

I love that you are thoughtful, and that thoughtfulness extends out to my mom, too. We are both still enjoying our bouquets of roses for Mother's Day.

I love watching you play with Genevieve.

Super-wiggly baby!
I love how your eyes sparkle when you look at her.

You see it, too, right?

I love how you've risen to the challenges of parenting, and you make it look effortless.

Okay, some times are easier than others.

Most of all, I love that you have a sense of humor when it comes to me, my crazy ideas, and the honey-do list I set up for you on Pinterest. I love that you still heckle me over thinking that Queen was a one-hit wonder band for Bohemian Rhapsody, since I didn't realize that I know (and like) a lot of their songs.

I love that you pick cute clothes for Genevieve. I am simultaneously terrified and intrigued at the thought of what you'll pick once I really start sewing for her.

Parallel impromptu naps!

I hope Genevieve marries someone just like you someday. But not in a creepy Electra complex way.

Happy (belated) birthday, hubs.

[SIDE NOTE: I swear he owns more than just the "Got Crabs?" t-shirt that he got at The Crab Pot on our honeymoon.]


  1. He just shoed up at our house. I opened the door, and since I'm such a shrimp I was on eye level with "Got Crabs?". All I could say was " errrrr Nooooooo....". he said " Oh, Good!" and left with Gingerman.

  2. Jasmin, I absolutely adore reading these posts about your husband. It is so wonderful knowing another woman feels this way about her mate. And I also love all the amazing pictures of your daughter and husband. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Happy Birthday Andrew! What an awesome tribute to the man, husband and father you are! J and G are blessed!

  4. Very nice Jasmin. Happy Birthday Andrew!

  5. I hope it was a wonderful birthday, Andrew! (Of course with such a beautiful family, I'm sure it was!)

  6. Happy birthday Andrew!

    Man this post was absolutely chock-full of cuteness. I was an absolute puddle by the end :)

  7. Happy Birthday, Andrew! Love love love this post.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful! And a very happy birthday to Andrew, a good man is a blessing. :)


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