Sunday, November 6, 2011

Excitement Stew

A dish of Excitement Stew for your Sunday brunch:

- The new Michael Bublé Christmas album. I got it in the mail a few days ago and *almost* broke the "no Christmas music before Black Friday" rule. Almost. (You can bet that this will be what we listen to on Black Friday when Mom and I go to the Pajama Jammie Jam at Purlescence at o'dark hundred.)

- New furniture. My IKEA dressers are giving up the ghost after seven years of hard use. Andrew might have fixed them once or ten times already before declaring them "done".

Andrew and I found furniture made out of REAL wood, made in Eugene, OR. Since I want to retire there, I'm excited to be supporting their economy. It's due to arrive at the beginning of December, so we're emptying out the bedroom, painting and having lights (and a dimmer switch!) installed in the meantime. Real wood furniture? Smells amazing.

- SharkBean. She's due to arrive in 10-14 weeks. She has already met Galina and Lily Chin. She's got a wooly future ahead of her, but for now, she seems content doing barrel rolls every time I sit down. Maybe she'll be a knitting and spinning pilot. Or a Cirque du Soleil tumbler.

In any case, that clock is ticking down at what feels like breakneck speed. I can't wait to meet this strange little person I've been growing.


  1. I have always had the no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving rule, too, and got yelled at by hubby yesterday when I was singing its beginning to look a lot like Christmas when he started a fire in the fireplace! I lost my head!

  2. I like Michael Buble too, so I checked out the new Christmas album on iTunes. It looks great, but is it just mek or isn't him singing Santa Baby just a little weird?


  3. I love Christmas music, so I will definitely check out that album.

    Also, I can't wait to meet the person you've been growing too!!


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