Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Yesterday, Andrew and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. We have two wedding anniversaries, technically, and yesterday was the first. Since it fell on a Tuesday, it was Tuesday as usual (errands, laundry, a little knitting) until Andrew got home.

Andrew brought me my favorite flowers, which I don't know the name of, but I still love them:

Can you name these flowers? I call them "Red Lilies".
But there was more. You see, when you've been with someone for a few years, they notice things. Like your favorite chocolate:

The one on top is my favorite-favorite, and there *were* two.
But what I was the most excited about, was this:

Mmmmm! The flavor of love is "pickled".

Yes. Pickled cocktail onions. Two years ago (at a fancy dinner) I had my first martini, and while I thought the martini was merely "eh", the cocktail onions stole my heart. We stopped at a grocery store in our fancy-pants clothes so that I could get a jar. (I might have eaten two or three jars worth over a couple of weeks. Maybe.) If it's pickled, there's a good chance that I'll love it.

But that's not all.

After that, we went for something that I was having a hankerin' for. Fried pickles and garlic parmesan wings, and there's only one place around here that has them.

For the knitters: Sock is the Vanilla Sock with the Andrew variation, out of Creatively Dyed J'ouvert (Cake)
Now, before you start telling me about how Hooters objectifies women, I already know. In an attempt to support anyone *but* Hooters, I have tried the fried pickles at places like The Counter (Caution: Noisy website), which is very fancy-pantsy, and they're not half as good.

(Though, the Counter is where I go if I have a hankering for an excellent burger. And ogle the waiter who looks like John Barrowman.) In order to get good fried food in this area, you've got to go to a seedy joint like Hooters. That's a fact.

So, in short, it seems that in six years of marriage, Andrew has figured out the mystery-wrapped-in-an-enigma-sprinkled-with-intreague that is me.

And the answer, evidently, is food.


  1. Alstroemeria! I love those flowers too.

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    I've always wanted to try fried pickles. Maybe I'll finally let my husband take me to Hooters:)

  3. Alstos. My bridesmaids had them in their bouquets.

  4. OMGoodness! John Barrowman - quite possibly the most beautiful man God ever created - don't believe me - just ask him!

    Glad you had a lovely anniversary - I still think fried pickles are gross (and I'm southern)!

  5. Don't ever get fried pickles at Zaxby's... ewwwww. The best ones I ever had were at a restaurant in FL- I still dream about those things.

    I love alstroemeria too! Had 'em in my wedding bouquet.

  6. Happy Anniversary.

    Alstroemeria or commonly called Peruvian Lillies.


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