Friday, April 23, 2010

Whose shoes?

Since I started wearing the same size shoes as Mom, the question of "whose shoes" has been an ongoing one. (So has "whose sweater", "whose socks", and "whose shirt", for the record.) This is partly due to having similar taste, and partly due to buying the same items because of that similar taste.

The conversation you will read below is a pretty typical version of "Whose shoes?", which happened a few days ago.

Me: (Sees Mom wearing a pair of my clogs.) SHOE STEALER!
Mom: (Looks down at the shoes she is wearing, sees a similar pair next to the couch.) No, those are yours.
Me: No, they're *both* mine. You're wearing the black ones; those are the brown ones.
Mom: (Stands next to the pair of brown shoes.) Huh. The color is pretty close.
Me: The color is MINE. Yours are red.
Mom: Hm. You're right.


  1. 6.5EE vs 9.5--see, it pays to have kids who tower over you and with Godzilla feet.

  2. heh-heh. Thanks for the giggle.

  3. you could put these plastic things into your shoes to make them uncomfortable ;) thanks again for making me smile!


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