Monday, December 14, 2009

The last five years

Dear Andrew;

I have done the math, and it seems that we've been married for five years today. FIVE YEARS. How does that happen? Sure, we've had challenges, but for the most part? It's been fun.

I love that you're handy, and fix things around the house. I especially love that you can troubleshoot problems with spinning wheels like a pro. You totally rock that toolbelt.

Thank you for making dinner while I detached myself from the headphones, rescued me from the pile of fleeces that tried to eat me, and made sure I had clean clothes and food while Mom was in the hospital. If nothing else, things are never boring around here.

So, happy anniversary, Monkey. It's been real.




  1. Congratulations, you two! Doesn't that mean that today is also the 5th anniversary of the day you finished college? I think a double celebration is in order.

    Hugs from Roseville!

  2. Happy anniversary to both of you. Many wish for the years to come.


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