Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yesterday's conversation

Me: [Spills drink.] Crap!
Work Husband Mike: What?
Me: I just spilled my drink down my sleeve. [Look down.] And down the front of my cardigan.
Work Husband Mike: What was it?
Me: Club soda.
Work Husband Mike: Quick! Pour more club soda on it! It'll keep it from staining.


  1. LOL...that's too funny! Clever man...LOL

  2. HA HA HA HA! That's too funny.
    We had one like that...
    Back Story:
    Our friend S has a reproduction dashboard from a 1932 Ford that he wanted the DSB to drill some holes in.
    This Dash doesn't have a car it goes too it's just the dash. It also has an ignition in it for no reason.
    S came and got the Dash from the DSB and after he left we had this conversation:
    DSB: OH NO!
    Me: What?
    DSB: S left the key to his dash here!!!
    Me:We'll give it back to him Friday.
    DSB; But how's he going to drive his dash till then????!!


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