Thursday, May 14, 2009

Efficiency, thy embodiment is Jasmin

You know what's awesome? Excel. PivotTables rock my world in ways that you can't even BEGIN to understand. (Unless you know the love that is Excel, of course.)

PivotTables have taken a task that was previously done by hand and - WHOOSH! - with a click and a couple of drag-and-drops, we have data. Highlight the table and we have graphs. (I love graphs.)

Alas, there must be balance in the universe, which is why we have Devil PowerPoint. I find it singularly frustrating that gathering the data in Excel is a breeze, but putting it in a simple PowerPoint presentation is enough to make me tear out handfuls of pink, curly hair. I know that it's purported to be simple enough that six-year-olds can use it; but I'll tell you, I've met some wily six-year-olds.

Maybe THAT is why people have kids. Hmm...


  1. Keynote is way easier. If you have iWork, I'd try a few slides in there and export into a .ppt file. Might be way easier.

    And if you don't have Keynote, I do. :P

  2. I have great, undying lust for all the things Excel can do. I join you in adoration.

  3. I'm a PowerPoint fan but I will try not to hold your meanie comments against you :)


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