Friday, August 22, 2008

All’s Well That Ends Well- a Review

First, I’d like to say that I know that this review was promised a couple of weeks ago. Two things have kept me from writing it: one, I was torn about whether it was the writing or the production I didn’t like, and two, life has completely overwhelmed me.

Luckily, and with help, I’ve managed to simplify my life by relinquishing some of the unnecessary stressers.

Event: All’s Well That Ends Well, Shakespeare Santa Cruz

Cost: Buy tickets here. Costs range from $12-$44. Ours were comp’ed.



The Review:

I didn’t like it. The problem is, I’m not familiar enough with the play to say, “I didn’t like it because of the production,” and I hesitate to say, “The writing lacked something,” because, well, it’s Shakespeare.

I think part of my issue is that I’m too modern to appreciate the value and humor of tricking a man into staying with you. I’m too modern to believe that (effectively) purchasing a spouse is not the way to find love.

I don’t think it was the casting- a lion’s share of the cast comes from the casts of Romeo and Juliet and Bach at Leipzig. Again, not sure if it was the writing or the delivery, but I found the gal playing Helena to be whiny and desperate, as opposed to a clever, sympathetic character.


I’m clearly not a fan of the story.

It’s playing at the lovely outdoor theater, and there’s a lot of eyecandy. If you like Shakespeare, you’re a fan of the play, and you don’t have plans, attend.

[Side note- Caitlin Fitzgerald, who plays Diana in this show, and was Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet" is on the cover of the Interweave Knits favorites book, wearing the Icarus Shawl. I think. According to a message board, she is purportedly Pam Allen's daughter.]

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