Monday, November 21, 2005

Birthday goodness

Just a note to keep everyone updated on what's going on for my birthday. We're starting 6-ish, seeing RENT, and having dinner. Not necessarily in that order. Maybe hanging out at the Shanty afterwards. We will be exchanging names for the Christmas gift exchange, for any/all interested.

Gift exchange information

If you are interested in participating in the gift exchange, show up, write your name on the slip of paper, drop it in the hat, then draw a name. You will be giving a gift ($50 price range) to the person you draw at the Christmas/Holiday party (time/date/place TBD). If you can't make it to my party, let me know and you will be included and drawn for in absentia.

I'll write about Vegas later, but for now, just the update on the "party" stuff.

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